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We are proud to partner with our respected manufacturers, to do our part in creating a more sustainable, energy efficient infrastructure.   All of our manufactures make products that meet or exceed criteria for LEED, Cool Roof, Energy Star and California Proposition 24 standards.  And we are also proud to say all of our products are made in America!

 When we take steps to create more energy efficient roofing, and construction, we not only help the environment, we save our clients money.

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Here’s some facts about white roofs — or cool roofs, as Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu puts it.

•Dark roofs can heat up to 50 degrees hotter than light roofs.

•Dark roofs in the U.S. have delivered at least a billion dollars a year in extra power bills.

•Cities are often 2 to 5 degrees hotter than less urban areas due to dark surfaces.

•A cool roof can lead to 10 to 15 percent lower energy bills.

•If a little more than 3/4 of commercial buildings in the U.S. got a cool roof, the U.S. would save enough energy via air-

conditioning to reduce carbon emissions by about 6 million metric tons each year.

Steven Chu was Secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy from 2011 – 2013.  Prior to that he was a Professor of Physics and Molecular Biology at the University of California Berkeley.  He was also Chair of Stanford University’s Physics Department.  Dr. Chu won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1997.

At Gorman Roofing Services
we are dedicated to safety.

•Developed a Job Site Hazard Assessment & Safety Analysis Plan prior to beginning a project

•Furthermore, Gorman Roofing Services Inc., requires all Superintendents to have a Safety Policy Handbook in their Work Truck at all times.

•Daily site inspections are conducted by Seasoned Senior Roofing Employees to ensure workers and the general public are safe and in compliance with Gorman Policies and OSHA Regulations.

•Gorman Roofing Services provides continuous and ongoing training for Superintendents and The Competent Person on site.

•Fall Protection is top priority and in place to ensure workers are safe while working on a job. 

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